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Take your wax'n to the max!

If you’re hungry for knowledge but feel held back by the lack of education in the beauty industry, you’ve come to the right place.

Bree Mesquit, founder and CEO of Lash and Wax OC would like to invite you to unlock your full potential in the waxing world. Bree has been making waxes in the aesthetics world as an educator since 2015, disrupting the traditional schooling and introducing functional skills that will last a lifetime.

If you’re ready to catapult your way to success, Bree offers multiple ways of working with her that fit any budget!

What We Offer!

Hands on training

Learning hands on is a sure fire way to absorb skills fast and Bree is ready to be your go-to teacher

Online training

From tips to business insights, Bree will help you maximize your abilities and take your business to a new level

Free workshops

Nothing in life is free? Well we don't believe that! Check out our calendar for upcoming free workshops

Private 1:1 and group mentorship

Imagine getting ongoing Q&A and deep level mentoring for your waxing goals and excelling your future!

FREE 6-Week “Hard Waxing 101” Course

Learn a streamlined, efficient hard waxing technique so you can increase your service speed, serve more customers, and boost earnings!
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Events & Training Reviews!


They taught us the exact opposite for everything in waxing school, and as a beginner I need this so much!


One thing I stand by is you never know everything and you can always learn something new from whomever you talk to. Regardless of the amount of years and experience you have in the field,

Sabrina C.

Helpful free information!

Bekkah M.
Photo of Bree owner of Lash and Wax OC laughing, sitting in front of her laptop, smiling while conducting an online waxing training in front of her laptop.

1-on-1 Coaching

Take your business to a new level with expert coaching with Bree!
Photo of Lash and Wax OC owner Bree smiling while balancing a stack of books on her head.


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