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"Being able to empower other estheticians to build their own business, free from corporate constraints is a dream come true."

My favorite quote of all time by Zig Ziglar “you can have anything you want if you will just help enough people to get what they want.” This is why I created a business and brand that provides a platform for skill development, mentorship, and growth. I want every waxer to become a part of the rebellion and unlock their full potential in the waxing world!

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About Bree

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"Creating Rebel Wax was my first step in blowing industry norms out of the water. it has allowed me to make a mark on this industry and inspire others to do the same."

In 2017, Bree began her entrepreneurial journey, starting with a treatment room rental within a hair salon where she quickly built a loyal clientele, eventually securing her own commercial lease and storefront on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach in 2018.

Bree began offering hands-on group classes and private wax trainings, sharing her knowledge and expertise with new and seasoned estheticians alike. In 2020, Bree moved her family to Oregon where she maintained her Newport salon for two years, commuting between both locations before deciding to focus solely on her Bend salon and fast growing business, Lash and Wax OC.

"From small beginnings, I never thought I would be paving the path for so many estheticians to be successful."

In the same year, Bree created her first wax pad and introduced it to the industry while laying the ground work for her own wax line. When the COVID-19 pandemic haulted her California manufacturer, she moved her business and manufacturing in-house in Bend, OR. Bree continued to take clients while focusing on growing her business which quickly expanded into her own wax line, Rebel Wax in 2022.

Bree now has a booming business, a 3500 square foot warehouse where they manufacture and fulfill orders for Rebel Wax, and her own salon where she takes clients part time. Bree now primarily dedicates her time to filming educational content, developing products, and educating estheticians. She has been setting her own standards since the beginning and wants to help others do the same by teaching them to unleash their talent and make their mark on the beauty industry!

Photo of Bree the owner of Lash and Wax OC and her family.

Family Business

Fun, joy, positivity and love is what our business runs on

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Thats a lot of wax!

We stock everything our customers need to be successful

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Events & Training

From waxing and running your waxing business.. Bree has you covered
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