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    Rebel Wax for Hair Removal, Soft & Hard Wax Beads, Esthetician Supplies

    At Lash & Wax OC we are committed to making the best wax for hair removal. We also love bringing fellow waxers and esthetician our curated selection of waxing supplies and waxing products. Created by our very own professional speed waxer and esthetician Bree, Rebel Wax was designed to be affordable, user friendly and effective. 

    Shop for Rebel Hard Wax, Rebel Soft Wax, Rebel Roll On Wax and honey wax in a variety of yummy scents and colors. Our Rebel Hard Wax beads are vegan and hypoallergenic. This vegan wax is perfect wax for hair removal for professional waxers and estheticians. Rebel Soft Wax is a great wax for face hair and an amazingly gentle wax for facial hair. If you're looking for an easy to use face wax, an awesome eyebrow wax, or the best leg wax, we think you've found it! Rebel hard wax beads are the best wax for bikini line hair removal that we've ever used. It's also and a great wax for bikini area treatments. Whether you're shopping for a wax for armpits, a wax for legs, a wax for armpit hair or a wax for arms, you'll find the best vegan wax for hair removal right here at Lash & Wax OC.

    We also carry all the waxing supplies you need as an esthetician or speed waxer. From wax warmer pots and waxing sticks to wax pads and gloves for waxing, we've got everything you need as a professional waxer. Shop our colorful wax mats, reusable wax pads, waxing lap mats, SMAs and professional waxing kits to find all the supplies and waxing tools you need to keep your treatment room and work station looking professional, tidy and organized. Our wax pads fit any standard esthetician table and come in an array of beautiful colors, making them easy to coordinate with your brand and room décor. If you don't have a standard size esthetician table, check out our custom wax pad options.

    We want Lash & Wax OC to be your one-stop waxing shop. Need vinyl gloves for waxing? Or waxing sticks? And don't' forget the all-important disinfectant cleaner. We sell gloves for waxing in boxes and cases. You can also pick up all the body waxing stick you need here in bulk. The disinfectant cleaner we prefer is CaviCide. This is our pick because it's a disinfectant, cleaner and decontaminant all in one, can't beat that. Want to show your love of waxing? Browse our esthetician shirts, Rebel Wax logo shirts, waxer shirts and speed waxer shirts. We also sell waxer keychains, esthetician buttons and more!

    If you have any questions about our vegan wax, wax for hair removal, professional wax warmers, esthetician shirts, wax pads, wax mats or waxing supplies drop us a line, we'd love to help.