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    Wax pads to fit any room esthetic. These pads have multiple uses but were made with the solo esthetician in mind. They protect your bed and allow for a quick room turn over. Switch from facials or lashes to waxing in under a min saving you time and increasing your profits. With multiple colors to choose from you'll be sure to always stay on brand keeping your social media feed cohesive and eye catching. You and your clients are sure to love Lash & Wax Pads.

    9 products
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    Wax Pads, Wax Mats & SMAs for Estheticians & Professional Speed Waxers

    At Lash & Wax OC we love our esthetician supplies and we love offering our esthetician tools to fellow speed waxers even more. Take a look at our reusable wax pads. Our professional wax pads are 6ft x 2.25ft so they fit any standard esthetician table and come in a variety of colors. Choose from neutral colors, pastels, classic, neon colors or order custom wax pads with your company name or logo. These wax pads have multiple uses and allow you to turn over your room quickly allowing you to increase your profits and serve more clients.

    Don't forget to check out our Rebel Wax for hair removal. This is the wax we recommend using with our wax pads and wax mats. We also carry waxing lap mats. Our wax mats reduce waste and make removing arm hair less messy. As a professional waxer or esthetician, you know that your treatment room is a Sanitary Maintenance Area. That’s why our very own speed waxer Bree created colorful SMAs. These sanitary mats are a great place to set down your tools, waxing sticks and supplies. Our deluxe SMA has pockets that make storing and organizing your tools easy. 

    All our waxing pads, mats for waxing and mats for esthetician tables can be cleaned and disinfected, making them an affordable and eco-friendly addition to your treatment room. If you have any questions about our wax pads, wax mats, wax pad & SMA eraser, custom wax pads and SMAs for professional waxers or drop us a line, we’d love to help.