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    Professional Wax Beads Warmer for Estheticians & Professional Speed Waxers

    Shop our professional wax warmers. These wax warmers are the ones we use on a daily basis. We like to use them with our Rebel hard wax beads for hair removal. They are perfect for professional speed waxers or estheticians who service a high volume of clients. Our wax warmer pots aren't only for pros, they are also suitable for the waxer who is just starting out. Rebel wax warmers have 360-degree heating mechanism that is designed to keep your Rebel Wax at the optimal temperature for waxing. Our wax warmer for hair removal is easy to clean, reliable and will look great in your treatment room. Our professional wax warmers for waxing hold 5 LBS. of Rebel Wax. You can use Rebel hard wax by pouring the wax beads directly into the pot or use Rebel soft wax in the can. 

    Don't forget to check out our wax warmer pot lid holder. This handy holder will help keep your treatment room tidy and it also doubles as a vinyl glove holder. Boxes of our vinyl gloves for waxing fit perfectly inside. If you have any questions about our professional wax warmer for estheticians, vegan wax, Rebel Wax or wax warmer lid holders drop us a line, we'd love to help.