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    Rebel Hard Wax Beads for Hair Removal, Vegan Wax, Eyebrow Wax, Leg Wax, Face Wax

    Rebel Wax was created by our very own professional speed waxer and esthetician Bree. Her goal was to make a hard wax that is affordable, easy to use and effective. Rebel Hard Wax is considered to be the best wax for hair removal by fellow speed waxers, estheticians and beginners.

    This hard wax for hair removal comes in a variety of pretty colors and scents. Our Rebel hard wax beads for hair removal are vegan, hypoallergenic and have a low melting point. This vegan wax is perfect for professional waxers and estheticians. Looking for an awesome eyebrow wax, an easy to use face wax, body wax or the best leg wax? Rebel Wax is great for all body parts and we think it's the best wax for bikini line hair removal and a great wax for bikini area treatments. Use our vegan wax for face hair and as a gentle wax for facial hair.

    Whether you’re shopping for a hard wax for armpits, a wax for armpit hair, wax for arms or a wax for legs, you’ll find the best wax for hair removal and the most effective wax for hair waxing here at Lash & Wax OC. If you have any questions about our Rebel hard wax beads, Rebel hard wax or our vegan wax or drop us a line, we’d love to help.